Guidance for Hiring the Right Accountant for Your Business

Maintaining healthy financials is one of the most main and important responsibilities for every business either it is a small scare or a large scare. Every penny of revenue needs to be accounted for, bills and payroll have to be paid on time and tax responsibilities need to be met on time.These tasks should be taken care of by the company’s accountant. In some cases, these responsibilities are outsourced to an accounting firm. 

What to look for when hiring an accountant

If your organization has the funds and is positioned for strong organizational growth, it makes a lot of sense to bring on a full-time financial professional expert. You’ll have the peace of mind that a trained professional is keeping an eye on your company’s finance at all times.

If your company isn’t ready to hire a new employee, then you should consider partnering with an external accounting firm, let’s cover what quality you should look for.

An all-encompassing financial professional

Below mentioned are some common skills an all-encompassing accounting professional should have:

Financial recordkeeping – They should be able to maintain your company’s general ledger regularly.

Financial advising – Using the general ledger, they should be able to notice trends and opportunities for financial growth.

Payroll – They’ll need to ensure every employee is paid correctly and on time.

Bill payment – They’ll be responsible for managing expenses and paying bills.

Tax preparation – They’ll need to correctly pay your business taxes on time and maximize deductions throughout the year.

These are only a few of the high-level responsibilities of an accountant. Depending on your business, there are likely other qualifications you’ll need in a future hire or partner.

Able to communicate the numbers

Communication plays a key in any job but it’s especially important for someone who solely manages a company’s financials.

You should seek an accountant who can meet with your leadership team and outline problems and opportunities in a way that everyone can understand. That way the team can discuss the best course of action and make the right decision.

An understanding of your industry and business type

You should not only seek candidates who are well versed in all aspects of accounting. You should also look for a financial expert who has the right background for your business.

An ideal accountant will be tight with how your company operates. He/She should be experienced working with companies in your industry so that  He/She understands the common costs and operating procedures. The appropriate background will be beneficial for tax preparation. Also, you should pursue a financial professional who has experience working with businesses at a similar stage as your Business. 

An expert in the latest technology

Like most professions, accounting is currently being changed by new technology. Current software helps to account for professionals to efficiently complete tasks while giving them deeper insight into their company or client’s financials.

Your bookkeeper should stay up to date with the latest Business technology, and be willing to learn and clutch new technology, “The ability to learn and implement updated technology will make processes easier.

Many accountants are adopting new technology, while others continue to favor outdated solutions. When meeting with a potential accounting employee, ask them what software they are going to use, why they prefer it, and how they see technology impacting the profession at present and in the future.

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