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Ways to find the right candidate from Home

 As lockdown and many people working from home , it can feel like a lot of Organizations have been brought to a standstill.However, businesses still need employees, employees are still leaving jobs, and new hires are needed to replace them, that hasn’t stopped just because we’re no longer in the office. But with all this remote working, how can you be sure that you are recruiting the right people for a company? Lockdown has introduced us to new ways of working as we’ve never seen before, and employers need to adapt to this.                                                  So, here are some tips on how to find the perfect candidate at the right time from the comfort of your home. Create a Social Media Recruiting Strategy:  Social media is a great way to promote a company and list job offers that get in front of the right people. Being active in groups and using hashtags are fantastic ways to get your listings in front of potential candidates.Encourage your employers to share the job lis