Ways to find the right candidate from Home

As lockdown and many people working from home, it can feel like a lot of Organizations have been brought to a standstill.However, businesses still need employees, employees are still leaving jobs, and new hires are needed to replace them, that hasn’t stopped just because we’re no longer in the office.But with all this remote working, how can you be sure that you are recruiting the right people for a company? Lockdown has introduced us to new ways of working as we’ve never seen before, and employers need to adapt to this.  So, here are some tips on how to find the perfect candidate at the right time from the comfort of your home.Create a Social Media Recruiting Strategy: Social media is a great way to promote a company and list job offers that get in front of the right people. Being active in groups and using hashtags are fantastic ways to get your listings in front of potential candidates.Encourage your employers to share the job listings and get everyone involved.When your company ha…

Benefits of RPO Services

Recruitment process outsourcing is a business model of steps including an organization’s strive to successfully identify, recruit, and hire professional candidates for stuffing the open positions with the help of the third party like includes job consultants or recruiting agencies that the organization apply in its attempts to hire.
Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services
Strong quality of hires The main reason for an RPO services provider is they spend their time, energy, and resources into sourcing, screening, and strategy development, and introducing the cream of the available talent to the client. The totaled talent stream offers a developed pool from which to look and referral activation is frequently exceptional of RPO.
Reporting and Tracking RPO services provider will track and monitor the candidate's status in every stage of the recruitment process in real-time reporting and complete insight for making a decision promptly. This likewise makes it much simpler for fut…

Succession Planning is more important than ever

Succession planning is always an important part of the Management and HR process. In 2020, it may be our most important priority next to the safety of employees and cash flow. As employees adjust to new personal priorities and the health realities that come with a pandemic, the need for succession planning for management and strategic personnel is more important than ever. 
We often chat with leaders who have 1-3 key personnel they are concerned about for succession planning. Often these people are nearing retirement age and some of them have had serious health issues in the past. A much deeper dive into an organizational chart would likely find dozens of strategic roles that can have a huge impact if left vacant. If those roles are empty for a few weeks or months, it could seriously damage the organization.
That’s why having 2-3 potential internal or external candidates ready to move into these roles is very important. It should be the responsibility of every manager to have a list of …


Teambuilding can be something of a joke in some circles. It can call to mind images of managers trying too hard to get uninterested employees involved in uninspired activities. However, when executed well, team building events can be an important asset to any company. Engaging and fun activities can revitalize any workplace. When your employees join and cooperate outside of their typical work environment, their performance will improve in all areas. Here are just a few of the benefits of team building.
BETTER COMMUNICATION: You and your team need to communicate often and effectively to accomplish your goals. Spending time with one another outside of the office provides a pressure-free environment to work on communication. Whether an event has employees work toward a goal or if it just provides a relaxed atmosphere, your team will talk with one another. You and your employees will get a better idea of how to communicate best to address everyone’s needs. As you become acquainted with each …


Just a few months into what looks set to be a challenging year, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is driving more people to work from home.  And we’ve already heard from managers who are concerned about performance.When nothing is more important than safeguarding public health, nobody wants remote working to undermine how well people work. That’s bad for business, bad for employees and bad for the economy and bad for all. Fortunately, our online training platform is designed to keep people connected, wherever they stay. that's why we think that’s important.
People need to feel connected: The transition to working from home is a difficult one for a lot of people. Without the buzz of the office or the fun of a quick chat over coffee,it’s easy for your motivation to dwindle. Worse, this can lead to increased anxiety or stress, making people feel isolated for weeks on end.Recruiters should be designed with connectivity in mind. Things like online leaderboards, gamification, and soci…

Ways for Effective Evaluation of Employee Performance

As you begin to hire more workers, you’ll need to create internal systems so you can keep tabs on their development as it identifies with your organization's objectives. Based on the feedback from already built systems, there are ways for effective evaluation of Employee Performance.
Assign Mentors: Career Manager to each employee is been assigned when they are joined. Career Managers set expectations and define goals during the process of recruitment. Apart from on-the-job feedback and coaching, Career Manager also gathers all-round feedback and share strengths and areas where employees need to improve. every six months once, every employee executes a self-evaluation based on a different framework. One-on-one constructive feedback forms with specific next steps are been generated so they can improve constantly.
We Make Them Frequent and Short: By the time you meet or try to solve any problem, they may have already become a disaster. Why hold up till then when you can stop issues fr…


Flexible work programs and remote situations are on the rise, and studies disclose that they’re increasing job satisfaction and reducing levels of burnout.When a clear plan and the comprehensive work-from-home program is developed with HR and managed correctly, both the organization and its employees can benefit in many ways. It can help employers recruit and keep back top talent, and offers personnel excellent work-life balance.Here are a few important factors to consider when adopting a defined work-from-home policy.
Determine who can work effectively with little supervision and what positions are eligible, and state them in your official policy. Employees who are self-motivated, disciplined, and tech-savvy, as well as those who have demonstrated success in taking initiative, working independently, and managing their time, maybe well suited for remote positions. Be sure to discuss your expectations for performance with eligible workers decide how you will hold them accountable for th…