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Tips How You Can Minimize Your Employees Wasting Their Time During Working Hours

Having the best employees can be a great way to grow your business . You may reach a point where you feel, you can’t move forward with your operations until you hire some help. While having employees is supposed to help your business progress, it can backfire if your employees are wasting too much time and not being efficient. Essentially, you’re paying them for their time. In that time, they must do certain things that you assigned. If they’re not doing then you’re wasting your money and not going to get great results. Every company has at least one employee that seems to spend a lot of time surfing the Internet or chatting with coworkers than getting any actual work done. This could be in the form of taking longer breaks, spending time on cell phones, or other non-work activities. If you want to avoid this problem and employ a productive team, here are a few ways to minimize employees wasting time at work. What Not to Do Set an Example :  One of the best things you can do to reduce e