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Important Tips on How to Manage Your Newly Remote Team

Remote working has been expeditiously cored upon us and managers have had little time to prepare for this new way of working. Leading a virtual team can be a creepy prospect and if its introduction were part of a normal transformation program, learning and development would be at the top of the agenda to ensure that the change is successful and sustainable. The pandemic did not afford us the luxury of time and so managers and employees have been thrown in at the deep end, muddling through as best as possible to keep businesses adrift. Lead With Empathy:  It’s important to consider that this current version of working from home isn’t like working remotely for the afternoon to oversee home repairs or taking a day to focus on a big project outside the office. Our daily lives and routines have been impacted undoubtedly and making the necessary lifestyle adjustments won’t be simple for some people. Employees may not have dedicated work-from-home spaces in their homes and might also be faced