Reasons why now might be a good time to Recruit

Most of the businesses are working with reduced numbers of staff because of a layoff, short-time working, and redundancies, so it’s understandable that many employers have put the brakes on recruitment. But those who are looking to enlarge their teams could find that now is a great time to go on the pursuit of new talent and recruit.

Below mentioned are few reasons why now

Larger candidate pool: Unfortunately, most of the talented people have lost their jobs during this unstable period even though they didn't commit any fault by own. This is destructive for those businesses and individuals affected, but does mean that the number of good candidates who will be looking for work in the coming months is greatly increased all over the world.The growth in remote working also opens up a new pool of candidates for employees who don’t need their people to live within commuting distance of a workplace. This could enable approach to the best talent – especially when the flexibility remote working brings is becoming more and more captivating to employees.

Shorter recruitment process: Virtual hiring knocks out the need for organizing travel to an interview place and allows easier scheduling of interviews – job seekers are now more likely to be available for interviews and to have the time to talk. Remote recruitment process, virtual interviews, and even onboarding processes can be done safely from the comfort of the candidate’s now. It streamlines the entire process, saving time, money, and ultimately speeding up the time to hire, which is hugely important to recruiters and candidates out of work.

Reduced recruitment costs: The recruiting process does not just involve the actual costs of hiring a candidate — it includes the costs of training and retention but moving the process solely online can save on third-party fees, referral payments, and travel expenses as well, as the overall cost is completely reduced here. Now there is no necessity of face-to-face meetings and onsite training after a job offer has been accepted everything can be done easily using technology. We are having a range of software available, recruitment and onboarding have become cheaper, more flexible, personalized, and ao very interactive.

Priorities are changing: Pandemic situation has given people a lot of time to consider if they are really happy in their job or to take steps to change it. Now there is no  necessity to spend two hours commuting or doing something that doesn’t fit with long-term goals, so why do it? These people will be searching for something new that offers them the benefits they are missing in their current job and they will be searching for the worth that matches them– it’s a good idea to make clear the benefits you are offering in your job specification such as flexible working. Flexibility in the workplace is one of the most important factors for people right now and to attract highly skilled talent, flexible and remote working is a major bonus. Free from office commutes, the distractions of the workplace, and restrictions of fixed hours, many working from home are more productive. Offering this kind of job freedom could work in your favor for a long time to come.

Fewer Interview Rounds that Save Time: Each company has their hiring policy in place. Depending on the role, earlier there were many rounds to be cleared, but now there are only few rounds due to this pandemic situation this saves the time of both. Also the common narrative focuses on the fact that unemployment rates are at unprecedented high levels. So Job openings have remained at unprecedented high levels.

Reduced Interview Time: Before the candidates were being forced to wait in line for an interview to take place, when they have visited a potential employer at their office. On the one hand this is a completely waste of time for the candidate’s, one cannot forget that business managers also need to take out their time from their frantic activity work schedules to meet these potential candidates.


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