Just a few months into what looks set to be a challenging year, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is driving more people to work from home. 
And we’ve already heard from managers who are concerned about performance.When nothing is more important than safeguarding public health, nobody wants remote working to undermine how well people work. That’s bad for business, bad for employees and bad for the economy and bad for all. Fortunately, our online training platform is designed to keep people connected, wherever they stay. that's why we think that’s important.

People need to feel connected:
The transition to working from home is a difficult one for a lot of people. Without the buzz of the office or the fun of a quick chat over coffee,it’s easy for your motivation to dwindle. Worse, this can lead to increased anxiety or stress, making people feel isolated for weeks on end.Recruiters should be designed with connectivity in mind. Things like online leaderboards, gamification, and social learning can help to bring people together behind common goals, even when they’re working from different places.

Learning creates meaning:
Being able to develop and grow as a person is often more significant than financial rewards. Giving recruiters a way to improve their skills and learn new things is an impactful way to make work feel rewarding, even when usual routines and social benefits are removed. It’s not about finding the positives in what is a challenging climate. It’s just about giving your recruiters are a way to take advantage of the benefits of quieter periods and remote working.

Preparing for the future:
Finally, it’s important to remember that the world of work will eventually return to normal. But this isn’t going to be as simple as picking up where you left off. In the coming months, most businesses will face increased pressure – from a lull in new roles to a more constricted talent pipeline. If your people are working from home, a remote learning platform gives them a way to up-skill and prepare for this pressure.

Remote learning with Recruitment Agency:
Recruiters should be given their team a way to learn, compete, interact, and up-skill while they’re not in the office. With fun, bite-sized video content, games, and quizzes, they can access relevant material whenever they want and wherever they are. So they can stay engaged, feel productive, and safeguard the future of your business.


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