Teambuilding can be something of a joke in some circles. It can call to mind images of managers trying too hard to get uninterested employees involved in uninspired activities. However, when executed well, team building events can be an important asset to any company. Engaging and fun activities can revitalize any workplace. When your employees join and cooperate outside of their typical work environment, their performance will improve in all areas. Here are just a few of the benefits of team building.

You and your team need to communicate often and effectively to accomplish your goals. Spending time with one another outside of the office provides a pressure-free environment to work on communication.
Whether an event has employees work toward a goal or if it just provides a relaxed atmosphere, your team will talk with one another. You and your employees will get a better idea of how to communicate best to address everyone’s needs. As you become acquainted with each other, interactions will become more comfortable.

When you participate in a team building exercise, you engage your employees on some level. This practice is crucial, as invested workers are 87% less likely to leave a company. If you don’t involve your workers in more areas, you could be pushing talented people away. Team building events let your employees know you value them. They improve morale, which, in turn, boosts productivity. An unhappy and the unengaged workforce is not going to be an efficient one.

Not only does team building teach you how to talk with each other, but it also shows you how to work together. More than 85% of employees say a lack of collaboration is what causes failure in the workplace. Team building events can help grow this essential part of business culture.When all you talk about is work, it can be challenging to understand your team fully. People from different departments can get to know each other during team building events. This presents them with an opportunity to connect that they might not otherwise have, which will help them work together in the future.

Team building teaches employees how to be leaders. The varied experiences offered by these events can awaken leadership qualities in workers you may not see otherwise. You can then foster these them to increase efficiency in the workplace.Through collaborative community projects like donation drives, people get a taste of what it’s like to be a leader. These experiences can then translate into the workplace as they lead co-workers toward a greater good.

Trust falls may be an overplayed example of team building, but the concept behind them still rings true. Your team needs to trust one another if they’re going to work together. The stress-free atmosphere of a team building event helps build upon that.You’re less likely to feel confident in someone you don’t know. However, if you get to know and even become friends with someone, you’d trust them with a higher degree of tasks and information. Team building exercises don’t have to focus explicitly on trust-building to do this. All you need is quality time.

The key to effective team building is that these events don’t feel like work, but rather, that employees find them genuinely fun and exciting. The point of these exercises is that they offer advantages that the workplace can’t. If it feels too forced or too corporate, it won’t work.Relaxed, engaging, and out-of-the-box team-building exercises are an indispensable productivity tool. Without them, your company can become monotonous and unproductive. Focus on events that can build trust among employees, and watch your company soar.

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