Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business model where a company transfers the management of the recruitment process to a third-party expert.


It helps to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits. Every day a position remains unfilled bears costs to a company. Filling vacancies fast is better for productivity and reduces the number of resources spent on sourcing candidates.

RPO provider can provide its own service or may assume the company's staff, technology, methodologies, and reporting. But before hiring any RPO Provider to beware of what you get.

Nowadays RPO is being adopted by almost every type of business organization and is gaining ground beyond the United States.

With its great potential RPO is gaining attraction among companies and there is a lot of noise in the RPO marketplace. The industry is attracting many companies into the marketplace including recruiters who want to get into the game.

RPO providers have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats like every other aspect of the business. So here also one should do SWOT Analysis, in choosing the right RPO. RPO firms typically lead to large cost savings as well as outsourcing all or some of your recruiting efforts allows your recruiters and hiring managers more time to focus on other important business functions.

While there are many benefits of using an RPO, there can also be shortcomings if the right firm is not chosen. It is important to meet with the RPO and ensure that the partnership is a good fit since it will become an extension of your team. Choosing an RPO that cannot meet your expectations can cause it to have a negative impact on your business. It is important to look at the experience that the RPO provider has.  

Delight HR, one of the TOP RECRUITMENT COMPANY IN BANGALORE , specializes in providing customized hiring solutions to clients so that they can achieve greater efficiency and business performance. Through our collaborative approach and flawless execution, we help our clients achieve their strategic talent acquisition goals.

Recruitment Consultants at Delight HR are experts in mapping the talent available in the market. Once we know the kind of people you are looking for, our team will get in touch with you and take the process forward.

We are leading recruitment and Talent Acquisition partner with a wide variety of employers.
Through our consultative approach, we get to know your business and talent needs so that we can provide you customized service suitable to your requirements.

We have a team of talented recruiters who are committed to providing best talent to our clients.

We believe that recruitment is more than helping candidates change jobs and filling open positions for an employer. To us, it is about empowerment. Empowering candidates with sound career choices and building strong, stable and productive teams for an organization.

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